Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living life to the fullest

In 2001, the Rev. Doug Brushell was facing a long recovery after a double lung transplant. According to an article in The Oneida Daily Dispatch, Brushell, who had a fatal lung disease, was lucky to live long enough to have the operation:

'They didn't expect that I was going to live long enough to receive a lung transplant,' he said, but in July of that year, Brushell said that God spoke to him through scripture. When he turned to John 11:4, which says 'This sickness is not unto death but for the Glory of God, that the son of God may be glorified by it,' he said that he knew that there was going to be more to it all than what he had been told.

At that point, Brushell's name had just been added to the transplant list. It was going to be a long wait, and he ended up suffering a lung collapse in November 2000. He received his transplant in time, though. And being a longtime lover of music, he decided to live life to the fullest by recording an album. His recently released album, "The Legacy", features his entire family.
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